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I'm Helsinki based creative specialist with 15 years of experience in the media industry. 

The roles and tittles I have carried include journalist, writer, photographer, director, videographer, graphic designer and art director. 

I have studied graphic design (2008), photography (2011) and journalism (2023)

Other roles and jobs have by experience, as I rarely say no to a job eager to try new things.

This has led to both great achievements and interesting failures.

Companies that I have worked, as an entrepreneur and freelancer include:

YLE, Nordea, Finnish Music Museum Fame, Tekir, Kansallisteatteri, Remax, Svart Records and Haloo Music Group. 


I also have nothing against working on a payroll. I worked three years as Visual Director for Accenture Nordic Creative Services, in their inhouse advertising agency. My area of expertise was video production.

One of the more notable works I have done was a documentary movie called "Huntu - Kun okkultismi saapui Suomeen"(The Veil). A movie about the golden age of finnish art and it's esoteric influences. The documentary combines historical research and cinematic storytelling, at the same time being entertaining. It has achieved good reviews and positive attention both in Finland and abroads. 


Phone: +358 (0)407779145

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